Isaac is originally from Tucson, AZ, but has grown up in Belize, Central America. He was employed by the owner of The Orange Gallery, as a prized wood-turner. Nicknamed “The Blade” by his father, Isaac has had a fascination with bladesmithing, the art of knife-making since early childhood. Sadly, his father passed away when Isaac was fifteen, but instead of falling victim to misfortune, he channeled the emotional momentum into his new love – wood-turning.

Isaac’s spectacular facility for wood-working became apparent when an elderly friend of Mr. Sherrard’s showed him a beautiful handmade rosewood box containing a rosewood-handled knife given to him by young Isaac. The workmanship of both the box and the knife proved to be exceptional, in spite of the fact that Isaac had had no woodworking tools or training whatsoever.

After an introduction to Isaac and his older brother and guardian, Matthew, Julian invited Isaac to begin an apprenticeship in The Orange Gallery Woodshop. With Matthew's consent, Isaac commenced his study by learning basic hand-sanding and finishing of pre-turned bowls and vases. It soon became apparent that his talent was instinctive, and in short order – Isaac, the apprentice, became Isaac, the master.

Now, with Isaac’s expertise, he began producing custom blades and knives out of his own shop in Athens, Ohio.  And although his true love is still that of “Isaac, the Blade,” this young man’s world-class mastery in keen edges has found its greatest manifestation in the turning of bowls and vases made of Honduran Rosewood Burl and other exotic hardwoods into museum-quality obras-de-arte.