Ludwig Wood Art

Modern Wall Shelf

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This is our beautifully designed, modern wall shelf made in Ohio, USA by a master craftsman.  These shelves are sustainably sourced, hand-selected and arrive fully assembled with mounting hardware included. 

This shelf has a sleek modern design that's perfect for the office, living room or dining room. You can place bowls, plates, books, decor or picture frames with ease.  The minimalist design is an ideal solution for small spaces or hallways. 

Behold the timeless beauty of our free-hanging shelf, meticulously handcrafted from Native American oak. Suspended gracefully, this shelf effortlessly blends rustic charm with modern elegance. Each piece of oak is chosen for its rich grain and sturdy build, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether displaying treasured keepsakes or organizing daily essentials, this shelf adds a touch of natural sophistication to any room. Bring the warmth and character of Native American oak into your home with our stunning free-hanging shelf, a perfect balance of form and function.